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Remember Connecticon!? Yeah, that was good times! Thank you everyone who came to see me and Ash!

In our downtime from the con, we hung out with our friends thefirstmccloud, nillia, and juudisu.  We visited Satan’s Kingdom, which is apparently a place you go tubing! I wish I could post pictures of us tubing, but I didn’t want to bring my camera into the river and my bathing suit is also disintegrating in unfortunate places, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

I’ve gone river tubing once before, but it was so long ago I barely remember it.  This time we went right after a huge rain, so the river was very high and moving very fast. It was was fun/terrifying (mostly fun though) and I would love to do it again.

I have nothing to add but one simple statement:

I love our friends.  <3

CTCon weekend was a blast from start to finish. Mostly. There were stress times but those are par for the con course. The rest of the time it was a blast and this was surefire evidence of good times. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, high-speeds and all. <3

Haha dang I <3 you guys.  Let’s all go over a waterfall together.


Based on the family portrait by Cory Loftis.   It seemed like common sense.

I’m planning to print this on a large canvas to auction at Otakon.

The close up of Anna’s face is the painting at 100%, making this love letter to Disney the largest digital painting I have ever done.  I don’t usually submit so many close-ups, but I just love the gorgeous textures provided by Art Rage.

Expect more art of this nature, so if you like this, please follow!

I don’t think enough people are currently appreciating just how much time and effort went into this wonderful, detailed painting.  LOOK AT IT. <3

Hi! I'd like to challenge your gym!


That’s great!  I just need you to challenge me with your actual Tumblr account (not anonymously), or by league rules I can’t accept. So go on and do that, because I’d love to battle you!

Jun 9

Give me some to train some more and I'll rechallenge you. Good match, great defense and drawing me thin.

Thank you man, I’ll happily accept again.  Nice team yourself, very scary volcarona! :’D

May 6

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1. If you could steal a superpower from any Disney villain what would it be?
Turning into a mothafukkin’ dragon, duh

2. If you could steal a superpower from any Disney protagonist what would it be?



3. You’re at the arcade deciding what game to play with your friends.  Sugar Rush, Wreck-It Ralph, or Hero’s Duty?
Hero’s Duty because I’ve already played Fix-It Felix and Mario Kart and neither of them had Jane Lynch.  
4. Best Disney song not sung by a character:
Starts out with a quiet chill, explodes into a heart-pounding race, painting for us all details of the story— a parent who tragically gives his life to save his child, the child who witnesses his own father’s death, the betrayal, and the terrified, mindless stampeding animals that crush everything beneath them and vanish as suddenly as they came.  It brings home just how quickly a peaceful scene can erupt into chaos and tragedy.  Just listened to it again and it gave me chills. 

5. Which Disney character would be your best friend?


Dude me and Mulan would be SUCH bros.

6. Which Disney character would be your worst enemy?
Probably any of the villains who have family-murdering intent?  I don’t get along with those kinds of people.

7. Which Disney animal character would you want as a pet?


I’d never have to walk him. We’d both be right at home.

8. Turn into a merperson or a dragon?


I believe I covered this.

9. Most relatable struggle a Disney character has to overcome:
Toss up between these 3:
Goofy Movie - Goofy’s desperate attempts to keep himself in his indifferent, adolescent son’s life
Lilo & Stitch - Nani’s struggle as both mother and sister to Lilo, keeping child services off her back and trying to find work all at once. Probably the winner.
Frozen - Elsa’s struggle with anxiety was depicted with a respectable amount of realism. 

10. Character whose wardrobe you covet:


The Captain, bitchez.

11. A character you love that everyone else hates:
Nnnnobody?  Bambi’s mom?  How many hated Disney characters are there?
My 11 Weird Questions:
1. You’re stuck in the world of a Disney movie for the rest of your life.  Which one?
2. Disney villain you personally find the most sympathetic
3. Most meaningful Disney moment for you
4. Most underrated Disney film?
5. Favorite Disney death scene
6. Disney song you could sing on repeat at least 50 times
7. Disney couple with best chemistry
8. Disney couple with worst chemistry
9. You’re now a tiger. Would you rather fight Scar, or Shere Khan?
10. Movie you would be fine never seeing again
11. Most “human” of Disney princesses?
I tag nillia, thefirstmccloud, graceybird, summerlightning, ametto, thiefrabbit, kessuburd, truthnchaos, that’s it god I don’t know anybody here
May 6

Can you do a write up in Finn or Marceline?


What exactly does that mean



Gimme Coffee, Brooklyn.

oh my god



Gimme Coffee, Brooklyn.

oh my god


Jame II - title card

designed by Seo Kim

painted by Nick Jennings

Oh snap

I really hope they’re cool with this one

Apr 4

Just reminding all of you to go buy a 100 boxes of Teddy Grahams right now






do you guys seriously not see what the problem would be with a 16 year old dating a woman old enough to have dated Billy though

We do

But Finnceline and Fubblegum are like 600 times more popular than Canyinn so are we really the biggest problem here

I never said it was a huge problem, but the hypothetical legalness of the relationship is not the problem lol

(( I don’t understand why people have such a big problem with Finnceline and Fubblegum, or even Canyinn? We ship Bubbline like crazy, and apparently Princess Bubblegum is 827 years old, while Marceline is over a 1000. 

That means, at some point, Bonnie was roughly 173 years younger than Marceline. Which means, Marceline was an adult while PB was a child (I mean, assuming she didn’t just bud off of her parent-blob as a full grown adult). But, ya know, PB grew up….

Finn will grow up also. 

Just pointing that out. )) 

first off, my personal squick towards those ships certainly isn’t a reason for anyone to not ship it

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Yeah except that in that particular comic Older Finn had basically been mentally aged back down to a teenage mindset/memory, Bubblegum knew that and still came into him

I was personally squicked all over after reading that. Also I agree with everything else you said and how you said it -thumbs up-